Hello there!

Welcome to my website. This website was created to help in my election campaign when I stood as a potential Common Councilman for Lime Street Ward  in March 2017. Unfortunately I lost by 11 votes. (I was even out of the Country for the whole of the last week, training young people in Reinsurance. So only have 1 person to blame – me!). Even worse from my perspective, the person who won, resigned at the next election. – Hey Ho!

However I still continue to feel that the City of London is a very special place and Lime Street Ward my “home”.
This is a place for you to find out everything About Me, The Election Process and The City

Reinsurance This has been my life for decades and I hope to continue to provide reinsurance knowledge, to any one who is interested, any where in the world. Click here for more information, Glossary …..

My other passion is the City of London and how it works.

If you want to know more…?


More about me, my career, and my interests.
– core reason, simple – because I care and believe I can make a difference.


The City a fascinating place to work in or visit.
Do you know the background to Wards, Livery and the impact of the Romans on our Streets?


City of London – Understand a little more about the Election Process, how seats are allocated, how voters are chosen.