Left school, wanted a job, a job was money. I was very lucky that I got two interviews on the same day in the City. A very different world to today, where it is very hard to get interviews, let alone be offered a job.

Job offer 1.
Bank of London and South America – “we only work every other Saturday morning, and you can wear casual clothes”.

Job offer 2.
Edward Lumley and Sons (A broker) – “we work a 5 day week”
Career Decision made ! – A broker.

2 weeks later summoned to see a Mr Harvey.
Total interview.  “Walk up and down, turn round, welcome to Reinsurance”!
The week before, the young man who I was replacing (Rhythm Guitarist – Pretty Things) was given an ultimatum Haircut and a Reinsurance Career – No Haircut = No job.



All my new Boss cared about was the length of my hair!
So I have a continuing great career in Reinsurance because I was lazy (that day) and had had a haircut. 🙂