A vote may be cast on Election Day 23rd March – between 8.00am and 8.00pm at the designated Polling Station. In the case of Lime Street this will be the ground floor of Lloyd’s. (proof of Identity will be required).

Full information is available on the City of London Website.

Assuming you have registered to vote, you will receive a notification of an election on or after the 17th February 2017.

The Crucial Dates

17 February Publication of the Notice of Election – the official start of the election. Earliest date for the submission of candidate nomination papers.

28 February Last possible date for the submission of nomination papers (noon)

2 March Publication of the lists of candidates standing for election in each Ward

8 March Deadline for voters to apply for voting by post

15 March Deadline for voters to apply for proxy voting

22 March Ward Motes (Ward Meetings)

23 March Election Day

Who can vote
A few decades back residents received one vote, each partner in a partnership received one vote and businesses received a vote. Thus, a housekeeper living in the the Aviva building = 1 vote, 3 partners in a small Law firm, 3 votes and the Aviva Group = 1 Vote!

Today residents receive 1 vote, with the number of residents in the Wards differing dramatically e.g. Lime Street, very few, Portsoken, Barbican much higher. Businesses receive an allocation of votes based on the number of staff employed working to a scale.

The number of voters that the qualifying body can appoint will depend on the size of the workforce. Organisations with a workforce of nine or less can appoint one voter; those with up to 50 can appoint one voter for every five; those with more than 50 can appoint 10 voters and one additional voter for every 50 and one additional voter for every 50 members of the workforce over the initial 50.

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If you would rather vote personally, even if you have applied to submit a postal vote – you can. Take your Postal Vote to the Polling Booth on Election Day.