Livery and Livery Companies
The precursors of the Modern Professional Bodies and Trade Association, were original guilds. Over time granted wide ranging powers by a succession of individual Royal Charters. The oldest extant royal charter being for The Weavers’ Company 1155.Involved in educating Apprentices, Regulation e.g. Assay Marks and the Goldsmiths Company. Called “Livery” Companies because of the different colours and design of their Robes. Many are referred to as Worshipful Company of, infers a connection with a religious fraternity and that they Worship. As of 2023 there are 111 Livery Companies, with the latest being the Company of Nurses being admitted in 2023. Between them they donate over £70,000,000 per annum in support of Education, Training and other Charitable endeavours.

With grateful thanks to Paul Jagger and The City of London Freeman’s Guide  – a really excellent book -new updated version, the Platinum Jubilee Edition released in Mid 2022.