City of London – Election Process

Once every 4 years all of the 100 seats on the City of London Common Council come up for election – this is the year (2017). The City is divided into 25 wards, with a varying number of Common Councilmen (CC’s) standing for seats in each ward.

On the 22nd, March a Wardmote (Ward Meeting) will be held in Lloyd’s, where assuming there is a need for an election (more standing than seats) those standing will be asked to  make a short presentation to the assembled voters. The Ward of Lime Street is currently allocated 4 CC’s.

As I am standing in the forthcoming election I thought it would be useful to give anyone interested a short review of the core structures and processes. 

Click through to find out more information about Wards & how the number of Common Councilmen are chosen and How you – the voters – are chosen.